27 August 2016

Magic Moments

I miss blogging - I often find myself still mentally composing blog posts. It was such a great way to write it all out and think through some monumental life changes. 

And since I started this blog, there have been more than a few monumental life changes...

  • I started dating Joe, long-distance between Chicago and DC
  • Joe joined the Peace Corps, and long-distance dating became between DC and Albania
  • I've traveled the world - the Balkans, Japan, Scotland, UAE, Costa Rica, and countless US destinations
  • I moved from DC to Chicago for love
  • I switched careers from government to healthcare, and finally found my niche
  • Joe and I got married
  • I've chased dreams and tried out schemes
  • Made new friends, kept old friends, and found the courage to let go of those who weren't really friends
  • I've said goodbye to loved ones and made my peace with my past
It amazes me how much life changes when you look back over time, especially since, in the day-to-day, it doesn't seem all that different. But when you start sharing stories and looking back over memories, it really does add up to some very magical moments. 

Joe and I recently went out to dinner at "our place." The place where we've celebrated several monumental birthdays, new jobs, and even got engaged. It's been almost three years since we got engaged there, but when we were seated, two flutes of champagne ended up on our table. Turns out, our waiter that evening had been our waiter when we got engaged, and he remembered us and wanted to celebrate continuing love. And truthfully, we were there to celebrate just that - our continuing love, amazement at how much we've experienced together, excitement over a new career opportunity, and dream of the new places the future holds for us. 

And I keep finding myself, stopping and saying, "these are the magic moments. Remember these." when I look around at all the beauty in my every day life. Sure, there are moments of frustration and stress and pain, but damn, life is a beautiful ride. 

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