19 April 2013

It's Been a Week

It's been a long, hard week. 

Grey skies and never ending thunderstorms. Chicago has been badly hit by flooding thanks to 5+ inches of rain overnight, and my neighborhood has been the worst hit in the city. Some suburbs have it worse, but my little neighborhood has been the worst within city limits. 

I've been lucky - a second floor apartment just one street past the worst of the flooding. I stayed warm and dry while Joe was out of town, but I also haven't been able to leave home before today. The Chicago River is still well over its banks just two blocks away and its destruction has truly left me breathless. And grateful for pure dumb luck. 

The news this week has also left me breathless. I think we've all been captivated by the seemingly endless stream of bad news this week. But I hope you all have found gratitude and hope in these stories as well. Human kindness has also left me breathless. 

And so I've been quiet. And searching for hope and cheer and good news where I can. I've found some inspiration this week I'd like to share:

A sweet marriage proposal. I sent it to a friend and she told me that next time I need to issue a "tear disclaimer" so she knows not to watch it at work because she'll cry. 

Why Women Should Embrace a Good Enough Life. Not perfect, but much more realistic than a lot of what we've heard from the likes of women like Sheryl Sandberg lately. 

Why Friendships are the New Marriage. Can we have it all? Great girlfriends for life AND great marriages? I think so. 

I'm trying to talk Joe into a vacation at any of these destinations! We need to plan a little getaway for the two of us, no family, friends, or weddings involved!

They've found three planets that could possibly sustain life. So incredible!

Why while you should embrace a "good enough" life, you definitely shouldn't embrace "good enough" when it comes to your wedding photos

Anyone want to gift me this pretty scarf? I have a summer birthday coming up soon-ish. 

And really, you deserve it all!

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