12 March 2013

Time for a Few Randoms

Is there anything better than delicious tea in sweetly sentimental mugs that used to belong to beloved Papas? I think not. 

What happens when a corgi pup sees himself in the mirror for the first time. 

Stunning, and thought-provoking, pictures from last week's International Women's Day

If I ever have kids, these would be words of wisdom I'd encourage them to embrace. And if not, well, they're good words of wisdom for adults too. 

Joe raved about this soup. We're both excited to eat the leftovers this week. Joe said he'd put this soup up against a friend's famous gumbo any day, and he's confident it would win out over his gumbo. (Which is saying a lot, since we both want to marry the guy just so he'll make us gumbo forever.) All that to say, just make it. 

Love in the time of heartbreak. I love a good love story. 

A little cheeky homemade bathroom art. Made with contact paper. Perfect for our rental apartment!

Thunder the Dawg finally has her own blog! This is my favorite dog that I don't personally own. She's my step-dog, if you will, owned by my travel partner in crime. (The Bagel, from my trips to the UAE and Scotland.)

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