18 March 2013

Soaring Across the Chesapeake Sky

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Write about a time you taught someone a lesson you didn't want to teach. 

We were friends once. 

We had some amazing adventures together. Dining with foreign diplomats. Drinking in pubs with old friends. Soaring across the Chesapeake sky. 

Even now, when I think of you, I say a little prayer and send a good wish your way. 

But I'm not sure who needed this lesson more - me or you. 

Somewhere along the way, I realized our friendship was incredibly one-sided. Sure, I'd get adventures, but only if I listened to your plans for my life. To your concerns (but never voice my own). To your love life (or lack of one) and never mention my own. I could talk about my own thoughts, but only on very specific topics. 

Putting it shortly, our friendship was exhausting and hurtful and it needed to end. 

So while I was trying to search for a diplomatic way to explain why I needed a break, you took it in your typical explosive temper style and cut me out of your life. 

Okay. Not quite how I wanted it to end, but fine. It's done. 

And a few days later, you sent the nastiest email I still have ever received. It ended with "may you die and burn in hell. You are forever dead to me."

I didn't respond. I can't forget the nasty words, but I didn't accept the invitation to the fight. 

A few weeks later, you calmed down and tried to apologize. 

I didn't respond. 

You tried again. Practically begging me for forgiveness. 

I didn't respond. 

I forgave you, but I didn't tell you that. You needed to know you can't treat the ones you love like that. I needed to learn I don't need to keep people like that in my life. 

And now, if you cross my thoughts, I send a little prayer and good wishes your way, but I also say "thank you" to the much younger self who recognized a toxic relationship and got out of it. 

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