20 March 2013

She and He

Write about a chance meeting that has stayed with you ever since. 

She and He. 

Four months before I graduated from undergrad, a flyer for a conference in DC showed up in my inbox. It sounded so cool and was so very appropriate for the major/minor I had fashioned for myself (the reality of the conference was, let's just say, a bit lacking), and so I hustled to get funds and approval to spend two weeks in DC at this conference. 

At the time, it felt so out of character for me. I went all by myself, without knowing a soul, because it was something I was passionate about. Now, with the wisdom of a few more years, I know that's a common character trait for me - if I'm passionate about it, I'll do it myself, even if I prefer a few friends be there with me. 

On the very first morning, I stood there, in the middle of the overcrowded room by my chair piled with books I thought appropriate to the conference topic. I was overwhelmed. I had just gotten off the phone with my mom during the break and learned of some news that would change my post graduation plans (for the better, I know now). With my thoughts swirling, I didn't really think too much of it when a cute guy came up to me and started talking about one of the books I had on my pile. 

We quickly became friends during that conference. And because of him, I also met her during the same conference. The three of us explored DC, ignored the conference, schemed great schemes, and shared a few dreams. 

Today, eight amazing years later, she's my sister from another mister (and my travel partner in crime). And he, well, he's my Joe. 

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