21 March 2013

No Turning Back

What have been the event horizons of your life - the moments from which there is no turning back?

Colorado. And the triumph of knowing I conquered the mountain. In more ways than one. 

D.C. And learning who I was and what I offered the world.

Albania. Learning what the world, and love, had to offer me. 

Dubrovnik. For teaching me about my preferences for off-the-beaten path at times. And my preferences for the well-traveled tourist track at times. 

Mt. Fuji. For teaching me that the path always becomes clear, even through the densest fog. 

Tokyo. Where I learned that the right friends and the right adventures make life simply magical. 

Albania again. When I realized the right love warms even the coldest nights. 

Scotland. For finding a bit of home and learning that it is possible to be homesick for a place you've never lived.

Dubai. For teaching me all about all different kinds of mirages. 

Chicago. For finding a home. A place where I belong. 

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