19 March 2013

Kitchen Sink Cooking

What talent do you have that your usual blog readers don't know about? Talk about a time when you showed it to its best advantage. 

I have to admit, I'm struggling with answering this one.

I feel like I generally live an open book here on my blog. You've seen my photography. You've seen my love of color and words. You've heard stories about some of my stellar cooking. I've written about my love of brightly colored home manicures and of all the reading I do. I've shared a few of my sewing and embroidery successes.

There's not a lot I haven't shared.

I may have only hinted at some of the sadder things, but even those have generally had a day or two on the blog as I write my way through understanding my feelings.

And the things I don't write about? Well, for some reason or another, I choose to keep those private. I've debated sharing one or two of those things today, because, well, they fit perfectly into this category. But I won't. I'm not trying to be mysterious, but just respectful of how those things impact others.

So, that leaves me with admitting that I'm really good at kitchen sink cooking.

What's kitchen sink cooking, you ask?

It's where I take everything but the kitchen sink and somehow whip it into a meal.

Carrots + peppers + mushrooms + bacon + jar of pasta sauce = excellent pasta.
Almost too old spinach + stale bread + eggs = spinach balls
Asparagus + sunny-side up egg + olive oil + Parmesan cheese = amazing spring salad
Pound of frozen shrimp + can of tomatoes + can of coconut milk + spices = phenomenal soup

Joe has, fortunately, been a willingly adventurous eater. And the more kitchen sink cooking I do, the better I get at whipping up filling and delicious meals out of nothing. Tasty. Delicious. And quite frugal if I'm honest. 

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