08 February 2013

Winter Love

There are so many little things I love these days, I want to share a little sampling: 
  • The fact that Chicago finally has a bit of snow. 
  • The few happy little Valentine's decorations I've put out around the apartment.
  • Our new foam mattress pad. Haven't sleep so sweetly in a long, long time. 
  • Finally being in the habit of making our bed daily. 
  • Love letters. Ones I've written. Ones I've received. Ones I've encouraged others to write. 
  • Sweet little gestures....like the fact that he always, without complaint, plans his schedule to play chauffeur to me. 
  • Good friends. Old and new. Near and far. 
  • Neighbors who drink with you in their pjs. 
  • Having a pizza delivered just because on a snowy night. 
  • Electric blankets.
  • Dedicating a small portion of each paycheck to amassing a collection of smartwool socks to keep my toes warm. 
  • Extra sweet snuggles. 
  • The fact he plans his hobbies to maximize cuddle time with me. 
  • That I not only kept my Christmas cactus alive for a whole year, but that it's now beautifully blooming again. 
  • How close I am to crossing off a life goal. 
  • Playing games with my brother via our smartphones.
  • Taking five minutes daily to write in my Gratitude journal. Such a great smartphone app. 
  • Having great books to read while snuggled under those electric blankets. 

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