24 February 2013

Scenes from the Sick Couch

I've been knocked out this week with an incredible, nonstop cold/virus. It started out as a chest cold, morphed into a sinus cold, and now some kind of throat infection (official lab results are still pending) that is nasty enough that the doctor gave me pain pills in addition to the antibiotics. Needless to say, I've spent most of my time on the couch, sleeping, or occasionally eating some ice cream to soothe my throat. Joe, on the other hand, has been supportive but continuing in his daily routines. 

The following conversation just happened three minutes ago.  Clearly, I need to work on being a more supportive girlfriend....

Joe: are you eating ice cream while I do yoga?
KtMac: yes. And it was good.
Joe: seriously? While I do yoga?
KtMac: I didn't say anything. I just ate it. You're the one who noticed.
Joe: true.
KtMac: it was delicious, but you have moral superiority, which I imagine tastes just as good or better.
Joe: it does.

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