04 February 2013

A Moment of Heartache

It was an ordinary weekend. 

Lots of laughter, maybe a wee bit too many drinks, countless afternoon naps, time with friends, and time for snuggles. 

And amid all that, there was an unexpected moment of heartache. Just a moment, but still. 

Brought on by no less than the candy aisle at Target, and ended in a little cry during our twilight drive home again. 

It hit me, as I stood there, eyeing all the types of Valentine's Day candy, just enjoying all the colors and choices....I won't be buying one of those boxes of Ferro Roche candies and a Valentine's Day card to put a little smile on Grandma's face this year. 

And while I miss her everyday, it's in the moments like that, the little ones I'd try to find a way to bring a little smile and sunshine to her day that I miss her the most. 

It gets better, day by day, but I need to find new someones to bring smiles to now.

I cannot get this quote out of my mind. 
I love the idea of this birthday tradition. Friends, lets get on it!
Twenty-five   things you don't have to justify.
A sweet little love story


Karen C said...

Oh Kt, I so know those kind of moments. They still sneak up on me. Even when they include tears, they also always make me smile as I remember my Grandma and the things that were special to us. Hugs!

KT Mac said...

Karen - It's so true. I missed her, but it reminded me of all the times I made her happy too!