14 February 2013

A Few Love Conversations

    ktmac:  time for all the snuggles yet?
    joe:  you're a snuggle addict
ktmac: I am fully aware of that
and I seek help in the form of MORE SNUGGLES!

ktmac: For Valentine's Day, I'd like a corgi-tine, wearing a cute little button-down shirt. And I'd like him to deliver a love letter from you, without eating it. 
joe: You're not getting a Corgi for Valentine's Day!
ktmac: If he could deliver the love letter with some flowers, that'd be great. 
joe: No. 
ktmac: While wearing a cute little bow tie. 
joe: I don't think so. 
ktmac: Oooh! And have him wake me up on Valentine's Day. So that way we can spend all day feeling loved together and snuggling. 
joe: So, sometime before you wake up on Valentine's Day, I need to find a corgi, find a button-down shirt for him, a little bow-tie, some flowers, write you a love letter, and train him to deliver the flowers and the letter without eating it? And then wake you up?
ktmac: Exactly. It's not like I'm asking for the moon here....just a sweet little corgi-tine and a love letter. 
joe: .......(trying and failing miserably to contain his laughter)......
ktmac: I'm not asking for the moon. Just a little corgi-tine. 

ktmac: Friday is cheap chocolate day!
joe: No, it's not! Chocolate is ridiculously, crazy expensive right now. Stupid Valentine's Day.
ktmac: Friday is the day AFTER Valentine's Day. 
joe: Oh.

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