27 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Dreams and Schemes: Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Donation

24 February 2013

Scenes from the Sick Couch

I've been knocked out this week with an incredible, nonstop cold/virus. It started out as a chest cold, morphed into a sinus cold, and now some kind of throat infection (official lab results are still pending) that is nasty enough that the doctor gave me pain pills in addition to the antibiotics. Needless to say, I've spent most of my time on the couch, sleeping, or occasionally eating some ice cream to soothe my throat. Joe, on the other hand, has been supportive but continuing in his daily routines. 

The following conversation just happened three minutes ago.  Clearly, I need to work on being a more supportive girlfriend....

Joe: are you eating ice cream while I do yoga?
KtMac: yes. And it was good.
Joe: seriously? While I do yoga?
KtMac: I didn't say anything. I just ate it. You're the one who noticed.
Joe: true.
KtMac: it was delicious, but you have moral superiority, which I imagine tastes just as good or better.
Joe: it does.

14 February 2013

A Few Love Conversations

    ktmac:  time for all the snuggles yet?
    joe:  you're a snuggle addict
ktmac: I am fully aware of that
and I seek help in the form of MORE SNUGGLES!

ktmac: For Valentine's Day, I'd like a corgi-tine, wearing a cute little button-down shirt. And I'd like him to deliver a love letter from you, without eating it. 
joe: You're not getting a Corgi for Valentine's Day!
ktmac: If he could deliver the love letter with some flowers, that'd be great. 
joe: No. 
ktmac: While wearing a cute little bow tie. 
joe: I don't think so. 
ktmac: Oooh! And have him wake me up on Valentine's Day. So that way we can spend all day feeling loved together and snuggling. 
joe: So, sometime before you wake up on Valentine's Day, I need to find a corgi, find a button-down shirt for him, a little bow-tie, some flowers, write you a love letter, and train him to deliver the flowers and the letter without eating it? And then wake you up?
ktmac: Exactly. It's not like I'm asking for the moon here....just a sweet little corgi-tine and a love letter. 
joe: .......(trying and failing miserably to contain his laughter)......
ktmac: I'm not asking for the moon. Just a little corgi-tine. 

ktmac: Friday is cheap chocolate day!
joe: No, it's not! Chocolate is ridiculously, crazy expensive right now. Stupid Valentine's Day.
ktmac: Friday is the day AFTER Valentine's Day. 
joe: Oh.

13 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Come Fly Away With Me

08 February 2013

Winter Love

There are so many little things I love these days, I want to share a little sampling: 
  • The fact that Chicago finally has a bit of snow. 
  • The few happy little Valentine's decorations I've put out around the apartment.
  • Our new foam mattress pad. Haven't sleep so sweetly in a long, long time. 
  • Finally being in the habit of making our bed daily. 
  • Love letters. Ones I've written. Ones I've received. Ones I've encouraged others to write. 
  • Sweet little gestures....like the fact that he always, without complaint, plans his schedule to play chauffeur to me. 
  • Good friends. Old and new. Near and far. 
  • Neighbors who drink with you in their pjs. 
  • Having a pizza delivered just because on a snowy night. 
  • Electric blankets.
  • Dedicating a small portion of each paycheck to amassing a collection of smartwool socks to keep my toes warm. 
  • Extra sweet snuggles. 
  • The fact he plans his hobbies to maximize cuddle time with me. 
  • That I not only kept my Christmas cactus alive for a whole year, but that it's now beautifully blooming again. 
  • How close I am to crossing off a life goal. 
  • Playing games with my brother via our smartphones.
  • Taking five minutes daily to write in my Gratitude journal. Such a great smartphone app. 
  • Having great books to read while snuggled under those electric blankets. 

04 February 2013

A Moment of Heartache

It was an ordinary weekend. 

Lots of laughter, maybe a wee bit too many drinks, countless afternoon naps, time with friends, and time for snuggles. 

And amid all that, there was an unexpected moment of heartache. Just a moment, but still. 

Brought on by no less than the candy aisle at Target, and ended in a little cry during our twilight drive home again. 

It hit me, as I stood there, eyeing all the types of Valentine's Day candy, just enjoying all the colors and choices....I won't be buying one of those boxes of Ferro Roche candies and a Valentine's Day card to put a little smile on Grandma's face this year. 

And while I miss her everyday, it's in the moments like that, the little ones I'd try to find a way to bring a little smile and sunshine to her day that I miss her the most. 

It gets better, day by day, but I need to find new someones to bring smiles to now.

I cannot get this quote out of my mind. 
I love the idea of this birthday tradition. Friends, lets get on it!
Twenty-five   things you don't have to justify.
A sweet little love story