25 January 2013

A Pause

"As long as the wind is fair, 
The sky is always there..."

I'm in need of a pause these days. The go-go-go and the almost non-stop travel of this past fall have finally caught up with me. Joe spent most of the past week sick. I spent most of the past week alternating between nursing him and trying not to get sick myself. We have dinner plans tonight, and then nothing else for the rest of the weekend. 

And truth be told, I'm grateful. 

I'm grateful for the amazing adventures we had. Starting with our trip to Mackinac Island, continuing with trips to New Orleans, Portsmouth, Washington D.C., Dubai, and to see so many loved ones across the Midwestern prairies. So many wonderful adventures and fantastic memories. 

But I'm also grateful for a cozy home that we can curl up in and just unwind. I'm grateful Joe has been so understanding and patient with my almost obsessive need for quiet lately. I've had my hearing aid off a lot more than on in the last week or so, and part of it is because the noise has just been so jarring to my road-weary self. 

So, I'll spend my weekend doing what I've been doing on my off-evenings the last week or so. I'll finish editing the ridiculous number of pictures I took of sand in the deserts of the UAE. I'll finally go back and edit all the pictures I took but ignored this fall. There'll be some more organizing. There may be some baking (although, currently, there's more than a few mini funfetti cupcakes with extra sprinkles on top in our cupboards that are tormenting me). There will be snuggles and tv watching. I will watch all the available episodes of season three of Downton Abbey on On Demand. There will be tea-drinking and reading and just a gentle soothing of the soul.  

And come Monday, I'll be ready to conquer the world again. 

This couple makes me so happy. 
Snark at its finest. 
This house, if it were in Chicago, would be perfect for Joe and I.
Another reason for me to fall in love with Chicago again.

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