06 November 2012

Date Night

We're in the midst of an unplanned date night. I found a coupon to "our" movie theater for two tickets, two drinks, and a medium popcorn for $14 when I was going through some papers this afternoon. Since the coupon expires tomorrow, date night it is.

We don't know if it was normal rush hour traffic, rainy rush hour traffic, the traffic mess caused by President Obama being in town, or some combination of all of the above, but when it took 30 minutes to go a mile, it was no surprise we missed the early movie.

So we wandered Target for a while and now we're relaxing in the Starbucks next door to the theater.

Joe's checking election results and I'm checking out the Blogger app for my first ever smartphone. And truthfully, I couldn't ask for a better unplanned date.

Plus, with any luck, the results will be in by the time the movie ends. And these two former poli sci majors will have been spared the agony of waiting for hours for the results.


Mb said...

Love unplanned date nights!

KT Mac said...

They're the best!