10 October 2012

The Ying and The Yang of My Personality

Life has settled down around these parts. 

Dare I even say it? We've found routine and perhaps a bit of boring and a lot of ordinary

And well, if I'm honest, it's exactly what my wild and restless heart has needed for so long. 

Because, if I am honest with myself, I really am wild and restless at heart. I want, I need, I crave adventures and travel and excitement. I feel stifled and a bit choked if I land at home for too long without another adventure on the horizon. 

But, on the other hand, I'm a perfect content homebody too. I can, and often do, pick curling up on the couch with Joe and a good book and some hot chocolate over a wild night out dancing. The wild and the content. The restless and the homebound. The ying and yang of my personality, if you will. 

And I savor these routinely lazy days at home. When an outing to the library is the grandest adventure of the day. Or when an impromptu dinner out to celebrate a small (but not really small) work victory of Joe's becomes a perfect date night out. 

There's been exquisite pleasure in time spent in a real kitchen again. I've been trying new recipes like crazy lately. Probably 4-5 new recipes a week, plus a few of my own invention. I've mostly figured out what Joe and I like and don't like in the kitchen. Some things that I like, but Joe doesn't, I just treat myself to at lunch when he's in the office. But is there anything more homey and loving and wonderful than a loaf of homemade bread just out of the oven? Made to go with homemade soup?

The wild, restless heart of mine doesn't mind these quiet days at home. Not so much. It understands....I need balance.....and quiet days at home are the rest I need to gear up for the next adventure. Or two. Or five, or....all lined up sooner and faster than I dare to hope. 

So, rest up, savor these days, my content homebody self. Adventure is out there calling. You'll answer that call soon enough. 

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