03 October 2012

Seven Minute Challenge

I read somewhere online, (and didn't make note of where), that October's fitness challenge should be 60 minutes of planking. When I read that, I laughed. Who wants to hold the plank pose for 60 minutes straight? 

Then I read, and realized the challenge was two minutes a day for a cumulative total of 60 minutes worth of planks by the end of the month. When, where, how you do those planks is up to you. Most likely, I'll do one minute of traditional forward planks and thirty seconds each of side planks. And since I can squeeze in two minutes of planks anywhere at anytime, that makes sense to me, even with my busy schedule and travels planned. So I'm in. 60 minutes worth of planks by the end of October. 

And while I'm at it, I'm challenging myself to meditate for five minutes a day during the month of October. I always say I want to try meditating but leave that for "someday." And then "someday" never comes. Surely I can find five minutes a day to focus on my breathing and clear my thoughts. 

So seven minutes a day for better health. I can do that. Anyone want to join me this month?

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