11 October 2012

Puppy Negotiations

This is a normal conversation between Joe and I lately (and yes, lately includes two minutes ago...):

Joe: Look at this cute puppy. (showing me a random puppy picture on the internet)

KtMac: He's so fluffy!

Joe: Yes.

KtMac: I WANT him!

Joe: You want all the puppies.

KtMac: Yes, I NEED ALLLLLL the puppies.

Joe: You can't have all the puppies. 

KtMac: Okay. Three!

Joe: One.

KtMac: Okay. Thirty!

Joe: One

KtMac: Thirty Three!

Joe: I don't think you get how negotiations work. You may have one.

KtMac: I do too! Thirty three!

Joe: At this point, you're getting half a puppy.

KtMac: Half of thirty three!

Joe: You may have a hamster or a fish. No puppy.

KtMac: Okay. One puppy. Let's go tomorrow to get him.

Joe: ........


Karen C said...

Oh Ktmac! That was exactly the chuckle I needed at the end of a crazy week at work. I love your negotiating tactics. Has Joe admitted defeat yet? =)

KT Mac said...

Hahha, I'm glad our negotiations could make you laugh too. It's one of those little moments I just don't want to forget. He's admitted we'll get a puppy, as long as I get the ok from the allergy dr (and I have an appt lined up with the new one very soon), so fingers crossed!