18 October 2012

A Genuine Thank You

Part of me is superstitious enough not to breathe this out loud. I'm afraid to say it because what if admitting it makes the opposite come true?

But if I'm honest, it's bubbling up and I just can't keep it inside any longer.

These days.

These moments.

This love.

This life.

Well, it's pretty damn perfect.

My heart is full to bursting. And I find myself thrilled with the sheer pleasure of being alive these days.

(Which is why I was hesitant to admit it out loud.....what if I've just jinxed myself?)

Life is good.

I find myself enjoying everything. And breathing breathless "thank you" prayers often.

Food tastes better. Maybe because I'm being pickier about what I eat (and not settling for eating just to eat.)

The fall colors are just stunning. Like gasp out loud at the vivid beauty stunning.

The crisp weather adds some color to my cheeks and entice me to coocon into soft, comfortable layers. Some obsessive sale hunting has added some fantastic additions to my wardrobe, making what I'd previously settled for feel fresh and new again.

I seem to have settled into a comfortable mix of adventure and down time. This fall, it seems like every two weeks or so, there's a new adventure to enjoy, but those few weeks of downtime leave me feel revitalized.

Even when we feel cash-poor these days, well, there's the realization that we really are rich. We're rich in love and family and friends and solid values and a great love of life.

All of our needs are met. I could not ask for more.

There's some amazing simple pleasures I adore these days. The sunlight warming my toes from the kitchen window. Freshly washed sheets. The realization that I can now warm up my slippers in the dryer on demand for those extra cold days.

I'm slowly rediscovering my love of wandering for hours with my camera again. I lost that mojo for a while.

But more than anything, just as we've talked about over and over these last few months, we're so lucky in love.

All the struggles and heartaches and doubts and fights we've had over the last few years have all been worth it. Every moment of doubt has come back a thousand times in moments of love.

We're both amazed that given all the struggles we experienced in those early years - extreme long distance, extremely pathetic salaries, doubts of when we'd see each other again, doubts of whether the magic would still be there the next time we saw each other - we're still here, stronger than ever. And everytime I think, "this is it. I can't possibly ever be more in love with him," I find myself falling all over again.

It really is a beautiful ride.

And the possibility.

Oh my friends, there's a world of possibility wide open to us again. That too, makes me gasp out loud at times. There's so many possiblities and we're excited to see where life may take us, together, of course.

But mostly, there's sincre love and appreciation for how wonderful life is these days. It's purely magic. And I admit all this not to brag or boast, but as a genuine thank you to the universe.


Vanessa said...

Such a great post! I can feel your joy and gratitude and it's infectious! This was a pleasure to read!

KT Mac said...

Thanks Vanessa! I've got a lot to be thankful for these days!