12 September 2012

Dress Mess

I have bad luck with dresses. 

Which is a bad thing, given how much I love wearing dresses.

There's an infamous incident floating around amongst my friends, involving a night I was having too much fun to just go home after a wardrobe malfunction. So we safety pinned it up, and I stayed out until I was ready to go home. 

Over the weekend, Joe and I had a little weekend escape together (more stories on that coming soon!) and for dinner out, I opted to wear a new maxi dress. 

Because I'm me, I opted to ride my bike anyway even though I was wearing a maxi dress. That lasted all of five minutes before I got my dress caught up in my gears. 

Joe was able to rescue it. Amazingly enough, there were no holes in the fabric! But, a good quarter of the back bottom section of the dress was completely covered in bike grease. 

We went back, locked up the bikes, and I wiped down the grease as much as I could. I still wore the dress out to dinner, even if Joe and I had a private chuckle every time the dress was complimented. 

Since then, the dress has been soaking in cold water and ordinary dish soap. 

Miracle of all miracles....almost ALL of the grease is gone. There's a few tiny stubborn spots, but if I can't get those out, oh well, no one will actually see them. 

Just in time too....I have plans to wear the dress again this weekend!


Mb said...

I love this dress, so I'm glad the grease is gone!

KT Mac said...

Thanks girl! I'm thrilled too, let me tell ya!