24 September 2012

A Breath of Fresh Air

Autumn arrived in Chicago this weekend. Both according to the calendar and to the cool, crisp weather that flowed in.

We had no real plans. And between the weather and the weekend off, it was the proverbial breath of fresh air I needed. 

To slow down. 

To breathe.

To be. 

This last month has shown me the incredible awe of life. 

From the slow, heart-wrenching good-bye to Grandma, to a much-needed, long-planned weekend getaway to remind us of how much we love we're lucky to have, to a long-anticipated, absolutely awesome weekend long celebration of promising new beginnings (more on this to come!), it's been a month that has shown me all the wonders of life. 

The joy. 

The heart-break. 

The incredible love and support. 

The absolute pleasure of being silly over nothing at all with great girls. 

The great friendships. The ones I knew I could count on and the ones that emerged to surprise me. 

The fact that sadness can sneak in and surprise you in a moment.

And the fact that life, awe-inspiring life, can bring you back to joy and happiness and balance. 


That's been the key. 

Well, balance, and a whole lot of love from my guy. 

He's so damn great. I'm a lucky girl. 

So this weekend was blessedly lazy. I spent hours on the couch and on the balcony. I've put a serious dent into reading Anna Karenina finally. (I've started and restarted it far too many times to count. And for the first time, I've gotten more than 100 pages in.)

I also spent hours in the kitchen. Baking bread and muffins, making pizza puffs, and having phenomenal success with my first-ever attempt at homemade soup. Sausage and kale soup, to be exact. If there's interest, I'm happy to share some of my recent recipe successes. 

We also spent time in the local dive bar. I'm beginning to think of it as "ours," and we're finally on a first-name basis with the bartender. 

We also spent hours with our downstairs neighbors. They're pretty much the people we hope to grow up to become in the next ten years. They just may be the one of our favorite parts of moving into this building....and they're moving out in a month. It breaks my heart, but the four of us, well, we won't let a little thing like geography keep us apart.

And most importantly, Joe and I spent time loving on each other. I am so amazed at how far we've come in the last five years. The people we've grown up to be and the incredible love we've been lucky to enjoy and the fact that, if anything, I'm more in love with him today than the first time I really, really realized I loved Joe. 

So that breath of fresh air blowing around these parts? It's been much needed. And greatly appreciated. Even if I'm not a fan of waking up early, early, early on these chilly mornings to drive a guy to the airport....(and he may have a few iphone pictures as proof/blackmail.)

I'm rejuvenated now. And with any luck, back to regular posting again. I've missed this space and these friends!

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