15 August 2012


This box is proof that sometimes you really can buy happiness.

Proof that sometimes you really can revisit childhood. 

I saw this adorable storage container at Target tonight. 

In rare KtMac form, I may have gasped aloud. It made me so ridiculously happy. It still does.

And then I remembered, I had a white comforter as a kid, completely covered in pastel colored hearts exactly like this box. When I texted a giddy picture to Mama Mac, she also commented on how similiar it was to the comforter I loved the stuffing out of as a kid (no joke....I loved it until stuffing was literally falling out of it).

With the box on sale, I was sold!

I haven't discovered just what I'll use it for yet, but who could resist a little box of happiness?

1 comment:

Karen C said...

I'm so glad we have Target stores opening soon in Victoria. I completely want one of those boxes. It's awesome!