21 August 2012


The view from my desk today. Beautiful blue skies, warm breezes, and just peace. 

A deep peace. Even knowing life has some heartaches to throw my way. I know the coming months will not be easy, but I'm at peace today. 

I have a good, strong love with Joe. I have fantastic friends and phenomenal adventures lined up. And I know whatever comes with Grandma, that my parents and my brothers and I, well, we'll handle it all the best we can while we love each other like crazy (and keep each other laughing best we can). 

So even though today's phone call pulled at the heartstrings a bit, I feel nothing but peace today. And I post this picture as a reminder to myself for the days coming ahead....there'll be blue skies again. And more importantly, there'll peace, so much peace, again. 

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