02 August 2012

More Than

This. This is how I've realized I need to drop the "amateur" whenever I mentally call myself a photographer. 

Am I great? Naw. There's always room for improvement. Am I professional, who is paid for her services? Naw. Not sure that's an ambition of mine either. 

But. My fascination with light and capturing it. My fascination with elevating the ordinary and the every day into extraordinary. 

Well, those two things alone mean mentally and vocally, I need to be confident enough to say "Yes, I am a photographer," without any disqualifiers accompanying that phrase. 

I am more than an amateur. And when I have the courage to believe it and to say it, well, there's no stopping me now. 


Karen C said...

Hey KtMac, Yup, it's definitely true. You are a photographer, an awesome one. I love how you capture the heart of the moment. Being able to say that out loud and believe it is a huge step. I so excited for you. There is so much strength in claiming who we truly are without any disqualifiers. Way to go my friend! =)

KT Mac said...

Oh Karen...thank you! It was nerve-wracking to post such a declaration. Certainly didn't want to come across as bragging, but I'm glad to know it didn't come across that way. It really is refreshing to have that strength of mind to assertively say, even to myself, "I AM a photographer," and support of friends like you has really helped me find that strength.