10 August 2012

Happy and Light

My friends, it's Friday night. And my heart is happy and light. 

It's been a quietly wonderful day. Joe and I snuggled extra late this morning, which encouraged Joe to work from home for the day. It was a rainy morning that turned into a sunny (but windy) afternoon. There was coffee in the morning with some rainy day musings while I tried my best to ignore the snippets of Joe's teleconference leaking out from behind the closed office door. 

There was a long lazy afternoon for two working out on the balcony. But it was so windy and chilly, we found ourselves all bundled up...pants and sweatshirts and socks and a wool blanket carefully carried home from Scotland. 

There was a leisurely post-work soak in the tub for me. And lots of laughter and stolen kisses. But more than that, there was a happy heart. Full of love and grace and gratitude. For you. For all of you. For all the support and encouragement and love you've sent my way these last few days. 

It makes my heart happy and light. And for that I thank you. From the bottom of my happy and light heart. 

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