07 August 2012

Classic KtMac

Yep...that's me, in preschool. I know I was in preschool because I was wearing the phonic ear (beige box on my chest), which connected to a microphone my teachers wore, amplifying their voices directly into my ear. I wore the phonic ear in school and hearing aids at home. 

More details on growing up hearing impaired are coming soon. I'm still polishing the introductory post, but I love this picture too much not to share it. It's classic KtMac. 


Karen C said...

KtMac, That is awesome and hilarious! Love it so much =) There's got to be a story to tell about why you were in the laundry sink LOL

Mb said...

:) I'm excited to read more stories like this. Cute kid, cute pic!

KT Mac said...

Thanks ladies! I have no real story for why I was in the laundry sink other than I had an overactive imagination...still do. I'm really pushing to get more stories up soon!