11 July 2012

Life is Beautiful

We're in the middle of those long, lazy, hazy, and this year, crazy summer days. 

It's been so hot lately, that temperatures in the high 80's now feel pleasantly cool to my slowly tanning skin. The humidity has been both dreaded, but welcomed. My skin has not felt this soft in a long, long time. 

As much as I want to slow down, soak it all in, it seems to be moving faster and faster. A whirlwind almost. 

My birthday was lovely. Even if it didn't go quite as planned. Smoke from the Colorado wildfires delayed Joe's return home from a business trip until almost midnight. Instead of sushi and wine on my birthday, I had ice cream for dinner, and we had thai and wine the next night. The love from family and friends had me a bit teary-eyed. Such love. It's a precious gift indeed. 

Love is what makes life so lovely. And life is beautiful indeed. 

There have been picnics on beaches and water fights in pools. BBQs and bug bites. Complaining of the fierce heat and relishing the cool comfort of central air conditioning. 

There have been well-wishes and introductions to those who are (not just feel like, but really are) family thirty seconds later. Amazement that so many could be there to celebrate her ninety golden years, and memories of those who couldn't join the celebration. 

There have been some late, late nights and much too early mornings. Regrets over dinner and drink choices and pleasure in the laughter and conversation that came with those less-than-wise choices. And so many memories made. 

There have been dreams and schemes and maybe-somedays. Plans for what will come and how to handle what already is. Excitement over the good news rolling in and a bit of heartbreak for those who are slowly slipping away. 

It's meant stepping away from this space a bit. To think. To feel. To live. But it also means I have memories and experiences and stories and sensations (and because it's me, more than a few pictures) to share. 

Because, my friends, as hectic as life is these days. As crazy as this summer has wound up becoming. This life, it sure is beautiful. I was right....twenty-eight is off to an amazing start. 

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