15 June 2012

A Magical Moment

As I mentioned yesterday, today has some exciting news: 

Every once in a while, magic happens. 

And in those moments, we're not always lucky enough to realize it's a magical moment. But sometimes we are that lucky to realize, "this, this is magic, right here, right now."

For me, this is a magical moment. 

It's been months in the making with careful planning and execution with none other than the lovely Mb.

We started by encouraging each other. 

Then by pushing. 

And challenging. 

Finally, one night, we talked for hours about our mutual desires to s l o w down, live, and enjoy our lives. We wanted to live in the moment, soak it all up, and take photographs that spoke volumes. But more than that, we wanted to share those moments, the memories, and the photographs with each other. 

And with that, b r e a t h e  AND  BE was born. 

It's a special place. 

A place where magic happens with every single post. 

It is a collaborative photographic adventure that unites us despite the many miles that divide us. 

And one that we're both incredibly excited, and oddly nervous, about sharing with you all. 

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