17 June 2012

Just Pinch Me

Every now and again, there's a moment. 

It sneaks in unexpectedly and just takes your breath away. 

Absolutely shatters your heart. In the perfect way, of course. 

I was in stop and go traffic this afternoon. Very par for the course on Chicago expressways. 

I'd just dropped Joe off at O'Hare for his flight to LA for business. 

Sweet kisses and a rushed goodbye and I made my way back onto the expressway only to find myself stopped. 

But then I came around the curve and the first glimpse of the Chicago skyline came creeping into view. Much like that first tantalizing glimpse of the Rockies as you first drive into Colorado. 

And it floored me. 

This is our life. 

Our perfectly happy little life. 

Our cute little car. Our fantastic city. Our jet-set lifestyles. 

It almost felt so surreal that I wanted a pinch to remind myself, "this is real."

We're so blessed. 

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