12 June 2012

Balloon Wishes Update

A little status update on my balloon wishes

Hopes for the year:
  • Get fit
  • Gain muscle
  • Develop workout routine that helps stave off osteoporosis
  • Move more every day Never complete, but absolutely part of my daily routine.
  • Daily workouts Maybe not always daily, but often enough and consistent enough to be considered a regular workout routine.
  • Daily walks
  • Bake bread from scratch (never baked anything with yeast before)
  • Perfect a cake from scratch recipe (baked several from scratch cakes, but always with some errors)
  • Try a new recipe per week (and/or develop some healthier versions of favorites) Thanks to Pintrest and various cookbooks, I've been inspired enough to try several new recipes a week. 
  • Finally take the tango lessons Joe gifted me with for my birthday last year
  • Use only manual settings on my camera
  • Better blogging/blogging from the heart
  • More handwritten letters (got lazy in the last year)
  • More homemade gifts Not all perfect, but perfectly full of love.
  • Weekly "thank you" entries (on blog or in journal still TBD)
  • Study sign language with Joe
  • Make donations to already chosen charities
  • Finally set up that Roth IRA
  • Grow my hair long enough to donate to Locks for Love
  • Clean up computer files Moot point. Hard drive is fried. 
  • Develop off-computer storage system for pictures In progress now. 

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