07 May 2012

Telling Stories

So many of my thoughts these days have revolved around stories. 

The telling of stories. The crafting of a great story. The stories I've lived. The stories I haven't experienced. The stories I want to write, need to write, am waiting to write. 

Stories are the fabric of our lives. 

Who we are. Where we come from. What we want. 

Daydreams. Hopes. Wishes. Realities. Heartbreak. Triumph. Despair. Love. Loss. 

They help us put pain into context and give us hope. Stories help us understand and explain the amazing, overwhelming, incredible world around us. 

Every life is a story. But we all hope our story is more than, "I was born. I grew up. I grew older. I died." And it can be. Because that lifelong story is made up of a thousand little stories. 

Stories of the every day. Stories of triumph. Stories of the mundane. 

But the beauty is, we can re-write our stories. They don't have to end the way they began. And when one ends, we can always start another. We can decide how our stories will be read, if they'll be interesting, extraordinary, mundane, or just plain boring. 

I recently read Donald Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Parts of the book made me uncomfortable. There were some thoughts and beliefs expressed that just don't sit right with me. I have to admit that. 

But even the parts I didn't like made me think. Really think. 

And that's what I need and want and crave these days. Real thoughts. And motivations and hopes. 

The majority of Mr. Miller's book, though, was exactly what I needed to hear right now. 

Yes, you.

Yes, that's right, you.

And yes, we all know that. But we really do need the reminder from time to time. There's so many more thoughts I want to think about out loud here in this space, but for today, I'll leave us all with that. 

That's mighty powerful on its own. 


Vanessa said...

Here is to extra-ordinary stories stemming from actual life experiences. Look forward to reading along!

KT Mac said...

Thank you, Vanessa! I think I've just discovered that sometimes we're lucky and realize that we're in the midst of an extra-ordinary story when it's unfolding....and sometimes it takes a little reflection. But I've got many more stories to go live! And so do you!