14 May 2012

I Forgot

If I'm honest, really, truly honest with myself, I already know the real reason I've been so drawn to stories lately.

I have lived some incredible stories. Mind-blowing, heart-shattering, absolute triumphs, and everything in between. I have many stories in which I chose the harder path. It's a common theme, really, when I look back over my life stories.

But lately, well, I haven't been so great with writing my stories. Taking control of actively planning, pursuing, and living my life.

I got a bit stuck in my life and then way too comfortable with being stuck. And then I just stopped.

I forgot to dream.

In some ways, I needed that downtime. That Groundhog Day-esque feel to my days. Routine, comfort, a small life in a small corner of the world.

I needed the cocoon. I needed the hibernation.

Goodness knows, I've lived some awfully exhausting life stories in my short life.

But now?


This is my time.

I need to really start writing my next story. And the story that comes after that. And the one after that. And so on.

I need to start writing goals. And dreams. And hopes. Ones that don't have an "if....then" inside of them. No more "if xyz happens, then I can pursue dream abc." And more importantly, I need to start actively pursuing them.

This is my time.

Time to spread my wings again and take to the sky.

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