18 April 2012

What Makes a House a Home?

I've been thinking lately. 

A lot more so that usual. 

Not to say I never not think, but just that I'm thinking long and hard about very specific topics. 

One such topic that's been on my mind a lot lately is what makes a house a home?

How much stuff do we need to make it a home? What do we need? What do we want? What can we do without?

With a move looming on summer's horizon, I've been ruthless in asking myself that lately. 

I, by nature, absolutely need and want a cozy home. 

Blankets everywhere. Furniture that invites you to sit down, relax, and stay a spell. Memories peeking out of frames and corners (and not hidden away). Color and personality. Candles. Always candles. 

But I'm also, as I get older, becoming much more of a minimalist. I'll never reach Joe's monk-like levels of minimalism, and I'm okay with that

I'm addicted to weeding out our belongings and then looking around again and asking "what else can go?"

I'm trying to be mindful about it though. 

For example, I thought for a long time that I wanted to trade in the ironing board for a space-saving ironing mat. Especially since we rarely iron our clothes. But then, I realized just how much I use that ironing board when I'm sewing. And so it stays. 

But when I think about it, I'm trying to step away from the clutter. Clutter, everywhere. And the noise of too much stuff. 

I want a home that's warm and inviting and reflects our personalities. I also want a modern-ish, streamlined home. Something soothing and peaceful. My goal is to use this move as a chance to create that ideal home. I think it can be achieved. 

So excuse me while I go weed out some more junk to donate to the White Elephant shop....

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