12 April 2012

A Little Thyroid Update

Some of you may remember I had my thyroid removed way back in June. I opted to have it removed because it was a goiter with several nodules that seemed to be growing, quite rapidly, and there was some concern about the fact that the nodules were growing so quickly. As it turned out, it was a great decision because they found a hidden grapefruit-sized tumor that was displacing other throat organs. It was, fortunately, benign. 

Well, as of today, I no longer have to go in for regular follow-ups. The only time I need to see the doctor is if I feel there's a problem. Such a relief. And SO much better than annual biopsies. Those were wickedly painful.

As for the scar? Well, it's healing up quite nicely too. 

 Awkward self-portrait taken about two weeks post-surgery.

And ten months later, trying to ignore Joe in the park this last weekend. 


Karen C said...

Yay! That's awesome news =)

Mb said...

This is great news!