08 March 2012



* Today....has been extraordinarily productive. The gym, the shops, the bank, two loads of laundry, three giant bags of trash, one key project at work, two key projects at home, and making dinner now kind of productive. 

* Today....will most likely end on the couch, drinking tea while snuggled under favorite blankets (that never got put away after the bachelorette party last weekend) with Joe. Whether it's snuggles while reading or watching Netflix is still TBD. 

* Today....has me wishing it wasn't quite this windy so I could go back out and figure out just how I took these pictures. They were overexposed by accident, but I love them this way (as opposed to the correctly exposed ones).

* Today....I feel a general sense of excitement about life in general these days. I can't quite put my finger on it. But I'm happy to be excited and happy. 

* Today....reminded me why I dislike our apartment during seasonal changes so much. It's warmer, yes, but not warm enough to have the heat off. But warmer than the minimum temperature required to trip the building's furnace all day long. Translation: it gets mighty chilly in here during late afternoons now. 

* Today....means only one more day before I can FINALLY gift Joe his birthday surprise. The one I've worked on for so long in secret. The suspense of keeping a secret is killing me. 

* Today....I feel pride in the way my muscles ache after this morning's workout. I think I've finally found the right weights for each machine so I can complete the reps, but feel the burn (in a good way) afterwards. 

* Today....just found little and quiet ways to remind me of how lucky we are to live in such a great place.

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