26 March 2012

My 23 Favorite Little Pleasures

Today's Scintilla Project prompt is simply: write a list of 23. 

1. Kisses from Joe. Anytime.
2. A comforting shower after a good workout.
3. The feel of a flannel pillowcase against my cheek.
4. Taking photographs.
5. A cup of tea with honey at night.
6. A cup of coffee, sweet and light, on a lazy Sunday morning.
7. Pancakes and bacon on a weekend morning.
8. Flowers. Anywhere.
9. Colors. Colors. Colors.
10. Smiles.
11. Seductive winks.
12. Reading a good book.
13. Writing.
14. Laughter with good friends.
15. Cuddles with Joe.
16. Sitting in airports.
17. Puppies!
18. Long, lazy walks.
19. Soft serve ice cream.....only ever with rainbow sprinkles.
20. Music playing while I cook dinner.
21. Nail polish.
22. Twirly skirts and high heels.
23. The feel of sunlight on my shoulders. 

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