05 March 2012

A Midwestern Start to March

On a bus ride up to Madison last Friday, I woke up from a light little nap to a world gone white with swirling snows. 

These images aren't grainy film shots, but digital pictures made grainy by the swirling, white-out condition snows. 

But I do think the graininess is what's making me fall in love with these images over and over again. Despite the fact that snow is never how I want to start the month of March. 

I do believe that here in the midwest, and even in my own life, the adage "In like a lion, out like a lamb" has almost always been proven true of March. 

I started this weekend in the farm country surrounding Madison to help organize a bridal shower for a dear friend. 

Then we traveled down to sweet home Chicago for her bachelorette party. Delicious dinner, fantastic drinks, and laughs courtesy of Second City made for a great girls' night out. 

Then after all the girls went home, Joe surprised me with purple flowers and I crawled into bed ridiculously early to nurse the first cold of winter. 

March, you've come in like a lion alright.....now, please, please, please, become a lamb. Sooner rather than later.

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