09 March 2012

A Love Letter to the Birthday Boy

The surprise birthday breakfast has been enjoyed. The birthday bunting is hung. The presents are ready to gift. Dinner plans have been made. The cake is ready and waiting. All that today's little birthday celebration needs is for the birthday boy to come home from work. 

And in the meantime, I write a little birthday letter. 

Happy birthday My Love ~

I know we talked about how as you get older, birthdays just become another day. But the truth is, it's not just another day....it's a day of you. You being alive. You being special. You being here, right now, in my life and our life together. It really is a special day.

And we really have a special love. I adore that....but more importantly, I adore you. 

I adore how hard you've worked and how close you are to earning that MBA. How you've found a great job, doing what you love, and you come home happy every day. Not everyone is lucky enough to find a job they enjoy, but you did and it shows.

I love how incredibly handsome you are, all cleaned up in a suit to go out dancing, or all comfy in a t-shirt and pj pants on the couch. And the way you say, every single day, "you're so beautiful," not because you have to or feel like you have to, but with that catch in your voice that makes me realize it's because you truly believe it. Which, I believe, has made me even more beautiful because of that love. 

I love how we've settled into our rhythm. We can have our time together and our time apart and absolutely nothing gets in the way of cuddle time.  We've really hit our stride this year and we both have enjoyed the magic of being comfortably in love with each other. 

I love the way you treat me. Flowers just because. Kisses whenever. Laughter often. Our life together is sweet. 

You are an amazing man. I'm so lucky we've found our way to where our hearts knew we'd end up all along. I can't wait to see what adventures this next year brings for us. 

Love always, 
Your Katie

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