20 March 2012

KtMac Confessions: Ten

1) I am not a sci-fi fan, but I did manage to (further) seduce Joe by declaring Firefly to be my favorite tv show before we ever watched it together.

2) My eyes change color. It depends on my mood, what I am wearing, the weather, anything really. But I can't make them change color....they just do. 

3) Can't explain it, but the only things that ever really scare me are mountain tunnels and underwater tunnels. I hate those damn things. I get the sweaty palms and everything because I hate the idea of having nowhere to go if there's suddenly a crack. 

4)  Yet, despite my strange fear of tunnels, not much else truly scares me. I once told my favorite teacher I was terrified of losing my hearing. He told me that it wouldn't be as bad as I feared it to be. Almost exactly a year to the day, I lost my hearing. It was scary as hell, but turned out to be the very best thing that every happened to me. So since then, I realize it's a waste of time to be scared. 

5) I have used a fire extinguisher. It smells bad. I did also convince the guy on the 1-800 number to send me a replacement toaster oven, for free

6) I know today's Scintilla prompt is to talk about the time you got away with it. I'm a product of Catholic guilt. Even if I ever got away with "it," that guilt never really let me get away with it. 

7) I can fall asleep just about anywhere if I am tired enough and I have something soft by my cheek. In the hallway between classes in college? Not a problem (except for the concerned paramedics). In a bombed out, previously war-torn village where the only other person who speaks English is Joe? Poor Joe....I was out within five minutes. On countless plane and train and bus and car rides. Anywhere, really, just as long as I have something soft by my cheek. 

8) I have studied German, Arabic, French, and American Sign Language. Of these, I speak exactly none. But Joe often gets cursed out in Sign Language.

9) I am teaching myself how to sew. I surprised Joe with a quilt made out of shirts and dresses from the early days of our relationship for his most recent birthday present. He loved it. I will put together another blog post on that soon. 

10) I have two degrees in International Relations and have had some unique adventures abroad - Albania, Tokyo, Scotland, the Balkans by bus - but home is wherever I can snuggle up next to Joe every night. 


Mb said...

I have to join you in the tunnel-fearing category. Between my freak-outs on planes and in the MRI, I dare say I'm claustrophobic.

KT Mac said...

Oooh, I hear horror stories about the MRIs. The CAT scan machine had me breathless enough. Claustrophobia is unpleasant.