22 March 2012

Balloon Wishes

Because the only way I'll hold myself accountable is to put the whisper out into the universe. It seems like whenever I put a whisper out into the universe, things happen. 

Balloon wishes.

Hopes for the year:
  • Get fit
  • Gain muscle
  • Develop workout routine that helps stave off osteoporosis
  • Move more every day
  • Daily workouts
  • Daily walks
  • Bake bread from scratch (never baked anything with yeast before)
  • Perfect a cake from scratch recipe (baked several from scratch cakes, but always with some errors)
  • Try a new recipe per week (and/or develop some healthier versions of favorites)
  • Finally take the tango lessons Joe gifted me with for my birthday last year
  • Use only manual settings on my camera
  • Better blogging/blogging from the heart
  • More handwritten letters (got lazy in the last year)
  • More homemade gifts
  • Weekly "thank you" entries (on blog or in journal still TBD)
  • Study sign language with Joe
  • Make donations to already chosen charities
  • Finally set up that Roth IRA
  • Grow my hair long enough to donate to Locks for Love
  • Clean up computer files
  • Develop off-computer storage system for pictures


Karen C said...

Hey KT, love the balloon wishes! I've got an awesome applesauce spice cake recipe that is a great scratch cake recipe. Super yummy and super easy to make too. Let me know if you want me to send the recipe your way =)

KT Mac said...

Thanks Karen!! I'd love a great new recipe. Do you have my email address?

Mb said...

Tho the inner environmentalist in me shudders at the loose balloon, I love the positive vibes here. Good luck girl!

*Esp. fond of the hair growth and sign language goals :)

KT Mac said...

Mb, I felt the same way when I saw them setting loose the balloons, but at the same time, they made me happy, so I couldn't resist a snap.

And thanks! Here's hoping I can accomplish more than a few of them!

Vanessa said...

I hope all your goals will be realized. Something tells me they will... you seem like an achieving kind of girl! ;)

KT Mac said...

Thank you Vanessa! I feel quite confident in this list. It should help keep me inspired.