13 February 2012

Sew Excited!

I made a happy little discovery Saturday afternoon. 

I was on my way to meet Joe at the grocery store after he got out of his Saturday morning class downtown. Since it was unexpectedly freezing outside, I wandered past the grocery store to see if I could find someplace to treat us to a cup of coffee. 

Instead, I discovered the Crate and Barrel outlet store. Which is a find in of itself. 

But even better, I discovered they sell yardage of Marimekko fabric!! It is a season or two behind, but on Saturday, I picked up 12 yards of cheery fabrics at $3.95 a yard.....instead of the $45 and up they normally charge for a yard of Marimekko fabrics. 

Who in their right mind could resist snapping up such cheery fabrics at such a steal?

And because I was so excited, I came right home and sewed my first ever pillowcovers for the couch using this super easy tutorial

It was quick and easy, only taking me about an hour and a half to make both. It may have taken less time if the sewing machine had been cooperative instead of jamming up and running out of thread. Joe loves the colors as much as I do, and the best part is, (all a happy accident, I swear!) they match perfectly with my envisioned plan for our living room redo. 

Needless to say, I'm sew excited! /end cheesy puns. 

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