28 February 2012

A Most Perfect Weekend

Joe and I spent last weekend in D.C. I flew out for some business on Thursday evening and Joe joined me by working remotely on Friday. I had a great day in the office on Friday, getting some new (and much wanted) work projects. We spent Thursday and Friday nights with our friends Amie and Brian, who have many exciting adventures lined up for themselves this spring. (Getting married! Honeymooning in Malta! Moving from D.C. to San Francisco!) Friday night was spent enjoying dinner at T.N.R. in Courthouse and then dancing the night away with their Kinect. 

Since the official reason for our trip to D.C. was my company's annual banquet Saturday evening, my company put Joe and I up in the hotel Saturday night. We were definitely spoiled with our room in the opulent D.C. landmark Willard Intercontinental. I remember having drinks a few times in the bar at the hotel on special occasions when I lived in D.C., never dreaming I'd ever be able to spend a night in such a luxurious hotel. 

After I spent Saturday afternoon with the lovely Tiger wandering Eastern Market, checking out the delicious macaroons at The Sweet Lobby, and lunching at Matchbox while Joe worked, Joe and I dressed up and headed to the Willard's ballroom for the company banquet. 

Excuse the crappy phone camera pics. My camera battery died. 
(Lesson learned....ALWAYS pack the damn charger.) 

The banquet was fantastic. We had a great time eating and drinking and socializing with coworkers and dancing the night away. But we did admit to each other in the elevator on the way down that we felt like a couple of kids playing dress-up. It's so strange to be grown-ups sometimes. 

And then, to top off a fantastic weekend, we met up with the ever-fabulous Mb for a delicious Sunday brunch at Co Co Sala

It was a perfect weekend, full of love and laughter and good times with good friends. I love spending time with friends who are so close that, even after months apart, the conversation just starts as if I saw them last week. That's special. And it was great to see D.C. again, but greater still to come home to Sweet Home Chicago after all that. Now if only I could somehow move all my favorite D.C. peeps to Chicago.....then life would be absolutely perfect.....


Mb said...

I must have just missed you on Saturday. I was @ Eastern Market with my cousin around 11am.

KT Mac said...

Such a small world!