16 February 2012

Living Room Revamped



The details: "New" lamp is one pulled from the office since the old one died and I absolutely hate the overhead light in the living room. Beach picture is from Scotland and pulled from our bedroom. Chicago skyline picture was from our sunset sailing adventure last summer and pulled from the office wall. Joe's brother's painting went into the office. The giant poppy painting is currently in our bedroom until we decide whether to hang it up or sell it. Red rug is now in the office. The ottoman is from Target, purchased with Christmas gift cards. The awesome turquoise rug was bought on clearance at Crate and Barrel. Pillow covers are the same pillows that came with the couch but recovered with last weekend's fabric find. I love how it all came together slowly but oh so perfectly. It really does satisfy my need for color. And it really does make the whole space feel brand new. 

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