06 February 2012

KtMac Reviews: The Wishing Trees

Author: John Shors

The Good: The imagery in this story is so striking....I felt like I was on their travels with them, and going through the same grieving process as this father and daughter. The stages of grief are tied with their visits to various Asian countries. 

The Bad: It is a bittersweet, sad story. Understandably so, given that it's the story of Ian and his daughter Mattie's travels to remember and move on from the Kate's death. Sometimes the pain is a little too raw, which makes it even more believable. 

The Verdict: I'm starting my little book week on the blog with this book because it's been my absolute favorite read out of all the books I'll be reviewing this week. Just incredibly well-written with vivid imagery and raw, understandable emotions. Absolutely a must-read. John Shors' other books are already in my queue, waiting for me to finish a few others. 

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