07 February 2012

KtMac Reviews: A Farewell to Arms

Note: A dear, sweet, sassy friend of mine and I were talking one day last summer about all the books we never read in school for some reason or another. And an informal, nerdy book club was formed. We made up a list of books we hadn't read and each month, we take turns picking a book off the list to read. There's some informal discussions, but usually it's just a chance for us to read a book we've wanted to read but never did. All future book reviews from that list will have a label of "Nerdy Book Club." And if anyone's interested in reading along, let me know and I'll post a note at the beginning of each month. 

The Good: It's Hemingway's most famous book, and widely believed to be loosely auto-biographical. This morning's reviewed book, The Paris Wife, also hints at this. Despite its setting in Italy during World War I, it's a love story. 

The Bad: It's Hemingway. I've read several of his novels and short stories before. The only ones I've ever liked have been the ones set in nature. He has a very dry, very pared down prose that can be quite uncomfortable. 

The Verdict: Eh. At least I can say I've read it. I'm not a fan of Hemingway. 

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