23 February 2012

Full to Bursting

Ahh, my friends. I have so much I want to talk about today. I feel unusually chatty for a change, and I attribute that to the uplift of good friends, adventures, and the promise of sunshine (that I didn't even realize I was missing). 

But if I'm honest, really honest, it has less to do with the promise of the sunshine and much more to do with the warm glow of my heart. 

You see. These days. These are special days. Indeed. 

My heart feels full to bursting. 

There's so much love, I can't stand it. And that's the best kind. To feel overwhelmed with love. Absolutely overwhelmed. 

Every time I feel content and loved and beautiful and at peace with the world, well, someone says or does something that just tips my heart right back into overflowing again. 

There's a lot of love these days. 

From Joe. From family. From friends. From myself.

And that's a special treasure. I'm soaking in it all in and savoring every last drop of this sweet love. 

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