19 January 2012

Today I Am...

* I am craving color in the worst way. So much so that my recent craftiness has been all shades of colorful and so has my online shopping. Really colorful, if I'm honest, and well beyond my normal comfort zone.

* I am so enchanted with the written word these days that I can't choose just one book to read at a time. I'm currently in the midst of three books, and eyeing starting a fourth because I'm too impatient to wait until I've finished one book before I start another. 

* I am in love with my dark navy blue toenails with cheerful sparkles painted over them. Just a fun little surprise peeking up at me when I'm not wearing a pair of Joe's woolen socks. (Also, I'm stealing Joe's socks because his are so much warmer and comfortably broken in than my own.)

* I am proud of myself for the way I have combined previously learned talents with skills I am learning in this recent bout of craftiness. They've combined in such a beautiful way to create some pretty cool presents. 

* I am pleased with the way our home is really beginning to reflect both Joe and I instead of being just random things we both brought into the apartment. It really does make it a home. 

* I am once again obsessively weeding out things in our apartment. Having a tiny space makes it easier to limit what we have, but it always seems like something else replaces a donated item, and it doesn't take long before we're overflowing again. 

* I am planning a "no purchase" ban for February since I've been shopping more than I really needed to this month. I have no shopper's remorse, but I need some time away from the credit cards to ensure I continue to make smart, meaningful purchases rather than materialistic purchases. 

* I am ridiculously excited about several dear friends' upcoming weddings this year. These are marriages I strongly believe in and will support in every way possible for the rest of our lives. These are marriages that bring out the best in each half of the couple and will only create a strong, healthy partnership that weathers life's ups and downs incredibly well. And of course, I'm excited about celebrating the wedding and the bachelorette parties and all those little things that go hand in hand with weddings. 

* I am childishly excited about the prospect of more snow tomorrow. More snow, hopefully, and more chances for pretty snowfall pictures. 

* I am a big enough nerd to be absolutely fascinated with the stunning images posted daily on NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day site, where all these lovelies came from. Absolutely fascinated. 

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