23 January 2012

A Need for Color

My friends, I can't quite put my finger on it, but these days I want, I need, I crave color. Bright and bold. Cheerful. The happier, the better. 

Don't get me wrong. I've always been a lover of color, but within my own life, I expected color to have some context. Perhaps a scarf with an all black outfit. Or just the slightest hint of green popping out under white and black sheets. Just a pop here and there. 

But now? Oh, now, I dream in technicolor. No color is off limits. Just as long as it's cheerful and not at all muted. If it's muted, like our living room rug, I can no longer stand it. So much so, I've already dreamed up a mini-living room makeover based on the rich, vibrant blues and greens of a beloved picture from Scotland. Don't you think those blues and greens, with a pop or two of yellow, will make for a deliciously cozy and comforting and colorful living room? 

Along with my need for color is my rediscovered appreciation for the simply beautiful. Simple, but strikingly beautiful. Like the lovely silver bird salt and pepper shakers which were gifted to Joe for Christmas, but that I love so much so they have a permanent place out on our table now. And floating flowers in little glass bowls in order to savor the blooms that much longer. And the lovely blue candles Joe gifted me for Christmas before I even knew how badly I wanted a living room full of those kinds of blues. 

But my love and need for color is no longer restricted to our living room. My wardrobe seems to be undergoing a basic shift as well. I put a restriction on buying black clothes on myself. Right now, the only black items allowed to be purchased are to replace a basic. Every single clothing purchase I've made during these lovely season end clearance sales has been a color. Some brighter than others, but still color

I shocked the hell out of myself the other night. I finally splurged on a purse I've been daydreaming about finding forever....which wasn't the surprise....the surprise is that instead of getting the purse in a lovely, but neutral, caramel brown color, I've ordered a bright, cheery yellow. I adore yellow. It is my favorite color, bar none. But I've never thought I'd order a yellow purse. I even had a mini panic attack after I ordered it - "oh my god...what have I done? when will I ever be able to wear a yellow purse?" - but after two breaths, I realized I was smiling giddily and daydreaming all the places this yellow purse and I will go on our adventures. And I know, deep down to my toes, Joe encouraged me to make the right decision. I already adore this yellow bag, and it hasn't even arrived yet. 

I'm not sure where this newfound love of color is coming from. A reaction to the dreary winter days and lack of sunlight in our garden apartment? The rediscovered happy-go-lucky me who needs a wardrobe and home to match my reemerging cheery personality? I just don't know...but I adore the pops of color on a gloomy winter afternoon. 

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