06 January 2012

Just Live

Just a few more thoughts on my chosen word for 2012: Live.

Push yourself, dream, discover, feel, take charge. 

Learn new skills, like sewing and dancing, make new friends but keep, really keep, the old, try new foods, dream more. 

Use the good stuff that you were saving. Every day is special. Use the special things.



Laugh. Every day. Every single day.

Embrace the true you. Be you. The one who makes you happy. 

Eat that chocolate. Bonus points if it's the really good stuff. 

Worry less about others. 

Say "YES!" more. 

Be spontaneous. But listen to your body. 

Talk to that stranger.

Find something that truly gives you pleasure. Indulge in a regular basis. 

Turn the music up loud and dance. Really dance. 

Know when to stop.....and when to push yourself. 

Play hooky some time. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Marvel at that simple, every day miracle. 

Say "thank you" and mean it. 

Realize that the moments you remember most are not the ones spent sitting on the couch. 

Live. Just live. 

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