27 January 2012


I ordered a new lens from Photojojo. We'll talk about it some more after I've had some time to play with it. 

But this is how the package arrived today:

And inside, along with my new lens was this little guy: 

Definitely added an unexpected awesome surprise to my day!


Mb said...

KtMac, this is fantastic!! I can definitely appreciate this.

A Big Little Life said...

Thanks for commenting! I'm envious of your new lens... I need a new one myself!

KT Mac said...

Mb...definitely recommend Photojojo for future camera purchases!
ABLL...I love this new lens. I only grabbed a few shots this weekend to show myself the differences, but you can really tell. Still debating about posting those images since they were just simple shots...but definitely be on the lookout for a post or two about the new lens in the future!