01 December 2011

Welcome December!

Alternatively, it's the most magical time of the year!

Or, if I'm being honest after looking at these pictures, the snowmen are here. (Apparently we've accumulated a lot of snowman items for Christmas decorations....)

 The little light-up snowglobe snowman will be gifted to Grandma, especially after her excitement over the ghost one I gave her for Halloween.

The perfect-sized tree for apartment living. And look! There's a present under the tree already!

He makes me smile. And he makes the apartment smell like Christmas because he's also a candle (soon to be turned candy dish once the candle part is finished and cleaned out.)

And this year, even our fridge got into the Christmas spirit thanks to some Frosty magnets gifted to us by Mama Mac. 

A little bits of cheer, because, after all, how can you not smile when you surround yourself with cozy lights, sweet smelling candles, and smiling snowmen?

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